About Us

Crypt Solutions AG provides "plug-in" ad hoc solutions for installing and using tap-proof telephony and data communication. In close cooperation with our customers feasible concepts come to life that are accepted – no generic standard blueprints. Through our common work, our customers feel that not only our minds are involved, but also our hearts.

Crypt Solutions AG offers:
  • Excellent cost / performance ratio
  • Migration management
  • Technical partners worldwide for guaranteeing warranty and services
  • Continuous services and development performance
  • Demo test runs on location
  • Financing concepts

Our Premium Partner: TELSY

Since 1971 Telsy is a Trusted Security Partner for the supply of ICT solutions and services, from the design to the development and implementation. Continuous sharing of expertise supports government customers as well as commercial organisations, to protect critical business services. Telsy is addressing the constantly changing threats by offering a range of services that cover cyber security in terms of preventing data security breaches and information leakage, by delivering integrated security solutions.


Several tens of thousands Telsy solutions protect vital communications in over fifty countries worldwide, every day. The Telsy’s team of highly qualified engineers and specialists in communication security, working in close and constant cooperation with local and international scientific communities, established the company's worldwide reputation of state-of-the-art engineering.




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