Small Business

Law firms, physisians, small companies and similar professions and industries, the job of which is to keep duty of care regarding their customers, will have more security with the solutions provided by Crypt Solutions. Thanks to permanent updates of the cryptology, they will also be protected from the ears of third parties in the long run. Our transparent cost structure allows for a precise calculation of these measures.

First steps into the world of tap-proof telephony. End-to-end communication with correspondent hardware and endless crypt algorithms are an efficient protection against unwanted listeners.

A simple solution for discreet communication. Absolutely safe communication with all the functionalities you can expect from a modern smartphone – tap-proof!

What was unimaginable still a few years ago: Data can be stored much safer in a Cloud application than on your own device. Here, various files (also multimedia) can be transferred back and forth, safe from third-party access. Local hard disks which their user can physically be deprived of and that can thus be read out, are not required anymore.

Large Companies

Voice Call & Data Security + Own Secure Cloud Solution

Due to their great communication requirements large companies with multiple sites are very vulnerable at this spot. Crypt Solutions provides a full package, based on already existing IT structures (hardware/software), to safely prevent eavesdropping on voice and data communication.

Through components that adapt to any common network as well as through consulting services, a secure internal network can be realized, which will still be able to make use of public (economic) networks. Here, our service covers installation down to knowledge sharing for solving complex tasks based on team work.