Network Security

During the past twenty years IP communication has experienced a downright boom. A niche phenomenon at first, the Internet Protocol quickly gained popularity and thus became the technology that accompanies us today. Nobody could imagine nowadays to work without e-mail, world wide web or simple data transfer between teams. However, all these new technologies come with new threats: identity theft, TCP hijacking and spying on data traffic are just a few examples. Data security and confidentiality are central topics today.

Many years of involvement in the field of communication security has brought the KD03 product line onto the market. Instead of following the IPSec approach Crypt Solutions has its own proprietary solution: the implementation of an end-to -end layer 3 file protection. The KD03 product line provides the required flexibility to perfectly adapt to the various individual requirements of our customers./p>

All the CS-CD03 family products implement strong hardware cryptography mechanisms directly on FPGA. Cryptography algorithms can be completely customized either by Crypt Solutions or by Customer to implement sophisticated and proprietary mechanisms. All the CS-CD03 products can be remotely administered through an unified management center. Besides monitoring activities, the CS-CD03 management center is also responsible of key distribution and administration, remote software updates and even FPGA code upgrades. The architectural choice of having a unified management product for the whole line greatly simplifies the security administrator duties, preserving the Customer investment.




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