Voice Security

Today, telephone calls are the widest spread method for information transfer within companies. It is used as the main communication channel for critical as well as for strategic matters. The continuing complexity of requirements comprises the need to improve security measures and thus to make communication tap-proof.

Secure Voice solutions by Crypt Solutions secure the integrity of communication, authentication and confidentiality of information are the main focus here. Apart from that, mobility requirements through the integration of stationary and mobile devices are met. Thus, tap-proof communication is guaranteed, at the office as well as on the road.


Today, classic PSTN technology is still the widest spread type of telephone network. An appropriate level of shielding and security technology is required, since a multitude of technologies has been developed during the past few years used to eavesdrop on PSTN networks. These eavesdropping methods have become very user-friendly and cost-efficient, jeopardizing the confidentiality of any kind of communication, whereas the latter today has thus turned into a security risk.

Crypt Solutions provides a complete solution for secure communication via PSTN networks with a CSFix T2, thus guaranteeing confidentiality of information also via common telephone lines. Using the CSMob R2 smartphone allows the expansion of the Secure Voice network also across the GSM channel in order to achieve a high level of flexibility. Communication between the stationary and mobile end device does not require any further infrastructure, thus allowing system integration to be realized in a cost-efficient manner.


Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology plays a more and more important role in the world of telephone communication and is supposed to replace conventional PSTN telephony. Due to the possibility to intercept calls in the form of data packets, the risk of getting eavesdropped is on the increase.

Crypt Solutions provides stationary and mobile Secure-Voice-over-IP solutions, meeting the requirements of small, medium-sized and large companies thanks to their scalability. CSFix T2 along with the CSMob R2 smartphone is the most innovative solution based on SIP standards. Using the latest worldwide approved standards allows for the complete integration of IP telephony by Crypt Solutions into already existing VoIP structures, thus minimizing integration costs. IP technology allows plenty of ways to adapt to systems precisely to customers‘ requirements and to realize solutions according to their mobility needs.


Along with the fast spreading of Voice-over-IP technology, today’s requirement is to deal with mixed IP and PSTN networks. For cases like these, Crypt Solutions provides an integrated solution for traditional telephony and VoIP in order to guarantee for the highest level of convergence, reliability and security.

Exchange between these two different technologies is enabled through the Crypt Solutions Gateway-T3, being the central network node. The gateway allows the various cryptophones to interact via the various networks. Voice encryption is done based on the end-to-end principle, where the end device encrypts the communication itself, and the Gateway-T3 realizes the encrypted data transfer via various network technologies.




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