Risks in Telephony

They are small, smart and indispensable. Smartphones have conquered the world of communication for a reason. Their versatily makes them an all-rounder when on the road. However, this versatily is also its downside. On the hardware side microphones, speakers and cameras can be manipulated. This allows eavesdropping on a two person conversation from afar – an “infected“ mobile phone in the jacket pocket is all that’s needed. The Bluetooth functionality as well as Wi-Fi are also weak spots, making eavesdropping and spying on sensitive data possible. Additionally there are many possibilities provided by the operation system to the unfriendly attacker to gather data.

For private use this may be barely acceptable, but when it comes to a company’s secrets – the intellectual property, which is the future of a company, care must be exercised. However, it would be a mistake to restrict the functionality of a device you are used to, since it is these handy advantages that are expected from such a device today. Restricting functionality would minimize the user’s acceptance. If he then falls back on a different device that offers important services, the whole security concept would become inconsistent.




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